Nowadays it is not enough to go digital with your products or brand. These days promoting a brand is a prerequisite and those brands who do not promote themselves don’t get anywhere. We are aware of the wonders of marketing services. Have you ever heard about SMS marketing? Do you have any idea how wonderful it can benefit your business and how it can add value to your brand?

Before we talk about the benefits of texting app, it is imperative that we know what SMS marketing is all about.

In technical terms, SMS marketing is the same as email marketing. In email marketing, we send an email to existing customers so they can make a purchase again. In mass text messaging or SMS marketing, we interact with our existing customers with the help of texts. SMS marketing app is a wonderful application because it allows the brand to interact with the customers on a daily basis in an effective manner. SMS marketing is basically the texting service for business and it yields amazing results.

SMS marketing is quite honestly a new phenomenon but it yields really amazing results in a short span of time. Whenever we look at the different aspects of marketing we see that in marketing we promote our brand or products on different social media platforms. Social media marketing is not very reliable because most of the time our messages get ignored.Not everyone is going to check social media platforms right after waking up in the morning. Some of us are on Facebook but most of us are not on Instagram so what the use of promoting our brands on Instagram is? if more people are on Facebook? Social media marketing has its own value and email marketing has its own perks.


Nowadays SMS marketing has much more scope because with the help of this, we can access a lot of customers in a short span of time. Everyone has a smartphone in their hands all the time. The top benefit of SMS marketing is that it doesn’t matter when the customer reads the message, he eventually reads it. This way with the help of best texting app we can promote our brand with the help of existing customers. Any customer can enter into a database with the help of a simple message.Nimble Texting application has created wonders and our best texting app is undoubtedly the best SMS marketing application. It is available on android and people are buying with confidence from last decade. If you have a business or a brand with you then it is high time that you make use of SMS marketing application. Buy this application right away from goadvance and enjoy its many wonders. It is always a good idea to work smart than work hard so work smart.

Top Features Of SMS App:

  • Mass Texting app
  • Whatsapp feature
  • Your personal sim as sms carrier
  • Android-based application
  • Beacons Technology Integrated application
  • Customized page builder option availability (fully featured page)
  • Three options of payment gateways – Paypal – Stripe – Authorize.net
  • Three SMS Gateways Feature Enabled * Twilio * Plivo * Nexmo
  • Character Length up to 1600
  • Caller Sender ID Feature enabled For Admin And Sub users
  • Available setting for Email Customization for new application users
  • Social integration: Admin and users can now schedule campaigns and can send messages via facebook and twitter app automatically replacement of banned words with * in sms text
  • Subscribers lookup feature addition. Merging of tags for subscribers name addition in bulk sms
  • Change Sidebar Color feature added
  • Application Separate tab settings
  • Two way chat function is enabled
  • Mass sms feature has been upgraded for quick sms sending.
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